Onsite Belt re-tensioning and alignment

Belt failures can occur in many forms, improper tension can also be the cause. When v-belt operates under tension, this may cause overheating and erosion at the side surface of v-belt due to slipping. Same goes with the synchronous belt, where it can cause jumping when under tension and lead to teeth wear. Over tension belt may resulting to premature failure due to belt being stretched over its limit. Keep in mind, not only the belt will fail when over tension but it also contributes to other common failures, such as bearing failure due to increasing of bearing load.

Optimization of belt tension cannot be achieved by using your finger. Different people may have different strength. That is why we provide you belt re-tensioning and alignment service by using our special tools from well-known brand to optimize your belt operation. So, what are the advantages of belt re-tensioning and alignment services?

  1. • Reduce maintenance cost.
  2. • Energy saving.
  3. • Reduce unplanned downtime.
  4. • Improve machines productivity and efficiency.