Bearing Supervision and inspection

Supervision and inspection for large size bearing mounting and dismounting

Large size bearing, the vitality of having them properly mounted begin with a proper mounting technique. There are many reasons why bearings failed before reaching their pre-calculated service life. One of the reasons is improper mounting. There are several important inspections that need to be done before properly mount the bearing such as shaft and housing fit, bearing clearance before/after mounting and etc. Without inspections, the bearing may improperly mounted and lead to overheating, high vibration and skidding of rolling element due to false bearing clearance and fit.

We have expertise in providing supervision and inspection with portable mounting tools such as bearing heater, bearing mate, hydraulic nut, and complete set of measuring tools for the job. What are the advantages of our supervision and inspection services?

  1. • Eliminate fault during bearing installation.
  2. • Reduce risk of sudden breakdown.
  3. • Save maintenance cost by enhance the bearing lifespan.
  4. • Enhance worker skills with correct supervision.