Product Reverse Engineering

Spare part inventory preparation is the most important aspect to ensure continuity of the production in manufacturing plant. For the industrial equipment that have been operated more than a few decades, some of the spare parts might be obsolete and no longer in the market. This can cause headache to the maintenance to ensure smooth operations.

Conventional v-belt conversion to Gates Poly Chain

Conventional SN bearing conversion to new Dodge ISN bearing with easy installation method

We provide the reverse engineering service for power transmission product by converting the old mechanical equipment with the up to date products without changing the major system design in order to ease your maintenance work. What are the advantages of product reverse engineering service?

  1. • Replace obsolete product with up-to-date products.
  2. • Identify the system deficiencies.
  3. • Enhance stock inventory management.
  4. • Bring more efficient product to the consumer.
  5. • Improve safety with safe system design.