Training Courses

Yik Bee Trading believes that empowering people through the expansion of knowledge will contribute to the exponential growth of our team and our business partner. The knowledge sharing including theoretical and practical approach are conducted through series of workshops be it physical or online training through our media platform.

Our clients sometime are unaware of the importance of products knowledge. We provide series of in-house training programs, we hope our clients will achieve greater heights and continuous success.

  Rolling Bearing Technology

A comprehension bearing courses to introduce basic bearing knowledge, types, characteristic, designation and design application. A practical session to further enhance mounting and dismounting bearing process with all Schaeffler tools. These two parts of bearing sessions ensure all participants-maintenance teams, engineers will be equipped from basic knowledge to know-how approach. Symptom failure, its causes and proactive solution will be discussed.

Participant will be able to utilize all training facilities, machine, tools and one to one practical session.

  Preventive Maintenance

A tailored maintenance course to introduce preventive maintenance procedure- series of routines, step taken to prevent unforeseen machine failure. The purpose is to ensure machine last longer and parts are replaced on-time.

In this courses, customers will gain the knowledge of principle of 6 PM program. Customers also will be introduced to theoretical and practical knowledge of Condition Monitoring. At the end of the training, participants will be equipped with all necessary skills helpful to carry out preventive maintenance in their premises in correct manner.

  Drive Belt Maintenance

A training course designed to emphasize the importance of belt maintenance. Driving belt is used to transmit power from the driver pulley to the driven side. A sudden broken of timing belt will cost a lot of downtime cost, thus it should be prevented from happening. Most common failure in belt drive are pulley misalignment, undertension and overtension. Our workshop will discuss in details on each of this failure, symptom and solution.

A right approach of tensioning and alignment will be demonstrated with proper tools such as Gates tension tester and ez align. This know-how sharing by our technical team, and A to Z guidelines ensured every attendee boost their knowledge in no time, and can be implemented right away at their factories.

  Lubrication Workshop

Lubrication is the heart of the driving metal component such as bearing and chain. Seventy-percent of bearing failure is due to lubrication issue either less or over lubricate and selection of the lubricant type itself. Insufficient grease, caused the bearing to fail, and if over greasing, it will heat up, rise in temperature and eventually damaged the bearing.

Proper lubrication has the best chance of reaching its maximum service of life. Lubrication failure is equal to bearing failure.

  On Site Training

Who Should Attend

A company with trained personnel will be able to grow much further and reduced unforeseen failure, thus optimizing its resources effectively. Our training courses is suitable for following personnel :

  1. 1. Maintenance Staff, Fitter
  2. 2. Engineer
  3. 3. Factory and Production Manager
  4. 4. Purchaser
  5. 5. Technician

Our Facilities

Yik Bee provide the Best facilities as below:

  1. 1. Registered HDRF courses & qualified Trainers
  2. 2. Theory materials - presentation slides
  3. 3. Equipped training room for practical section
  4. 4. Practical material - mounting & dismounting, tools, jig
  5. 5. On site visit