Custom Made Engineering Class Chain

The application of transporting goods in large quantity are common for heavy industries such as cement mill, steel mill, flour mill, and other heavy manufacturing plant. There are various type of huge machines that use chain mechanism as a driver system such as bucket elevator, conveyor and many more. All these machines required high-end chain with tough construction to endure most harsh environment during the operation. These type of chains are frequent expose to abrasive substances such as mud, metal dust, sand and etc.

In order to meet your application standard, we provide custom made service for engineering class chain to ensure suitability with your plant application without neglecting the reliability, quality and performance. What are the advantages of our custom made service for engineering class chain?

  1. • High quality chain part with advance laboratory inspection.
  2. • Customizable based on requirement.
  3. • Durable chain application.
  4. • Various field of applications and industries.