Vibration Analysis

All rotating equipment produce vibration when running. Each component of rotating equipment has its own unique vibration signal. All these signals can be captured and analyzed using the device called vibration analyzer. This device is used to measure, store and diagnose the vibration signal produced by machines. Vibration from a machine may be an indicator to unexpected failure. The vibration level may increase gradually and become worse over a period of time.

We provide vibration monitoring for rotating equipment including comprehensive analysis report with predicted root cause and recommended solution to ease your critical asset maintenance planning. What are the advantages of vibration analysis service?

  1. • Ease the planning of maintenance schedule and allocate the needed parts.
  2. • Enhance safety.
  3. • Enhance maintenance efficiency.
  4. • Increase safety with well-maintained machineries.
  5. • Reduce equipment cost by eliminating unwanted machinery part replacement.