Infrared Thermography Inspection

Infrared Thermography Inspection is one of the condition-based monitoring programs which assist our clients in identifying potential equipment failures by detecting invisible thermal radiation from the machine. This service is using infrared thermal imaging camera to capture and analyze the thermal energy emitted from the surface of the equipment. This method can detect any leakage or fault in high risk electrical systems as well as identify fault in rotating equipment which produce heat during operation and just by pointing the device to the desired location.

Our expertise is to provide an infrared thermography inspection service to our client. What are the advantages of Infrared thermography inspection?

  1. • Minimal to zero downtime inspection due to non-contact inspection from the Infrared thermal imaging camera.
  2. • Fast result to detect any anomalies.
  3. • Enhance safety by maintaining a safe distance from the potentially hazardous equipment.
  4. • Reduce unscheduled downtime and cost saving.
  5. • Prevent ‘Domino Effect’ failure on surrounding equipment.