Shaft Alignment

There are two types of misalignments on your shaft which are angular and offset misalignment. When shaft is misaligned, this may cause stressed against shaft and bearing. The seals open up and cause foreign particle to enter and allowing lubrication leakage. Besides that, misaligned will increase the vibration of the machines. The vibration force will transmit to the bearing. These increase risk of premature failures dramatically against bearing, shaft and seals, which can lead to unplanned downtime.

Cardan Shaft Alignment Job

Our expertise involves shaft alignment both horizontal and vertical drives, whereby precision laser system is used to ensure a proper working condition of the machine. What are the advantages of shaft alignment service?

  1. • Reduce maintenance cost.
  2. • Reduce inventory cost.
  3. • Energy saving.
  4. • Reduce unplanned downtime.
  5. • Improve machines productivity and efficiency.